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Service Cost Info
Computer Tune-up (info) $149 flat fee No hidden charges
Home Wi-Fi (info) $80 per access point Includes config of 5 devices
Business Wi-Fi (info) Call Customized setup
Printer Support (info) $60 flat fee Setup or fixing 1 to 2 printers
Troubleshooting (info) $60 per hour Usually one to two hours
Online Backup (info) $10 monthly Starting price with 10 gigabytes
Computer Lessons (info) $60 per hour Learn at your pace
Mobile Device Support (info) $60 flat fee Support, privacy and anti-virus


Computer Tune-up (info)
If your computer is running slower than it used to it might be bogged down with hidden problems. Viruses, unnecessary items and temporary files which accumulate over time all weigh down your system. Get a professional tune-up and all of these problems will be found and fixed. Persistent errors will be resolved. Your hard drive will also be optimized. Your system will be immunized and actively protected while you browse the web and check your e-mail. These steps will extend the life of your computer and protect your privacy at the same time. If you have a new computer, a tune-up will ensure it stays in shape and is actively protected into the future.
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PRICE: $149 flat fee

Home Wireless and Wired Router Installation (info)
Need to connect multiple computers to one Internet connection? Have a router installed for you. The average router can connect 5 computers using wires, but they allow even more wireless connections for laptops, phones and tablets. Once the router is installed, it will be configured and secured with a password to prevent intruders and nosy neighbors from using it. Then, all of your wireless devices are configured for you to connect to the router. If you do not already have a router, you can get help shopping for one. The average price for one is about $80.
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PRICE: $80 for installation service (price does not include devices)

Printer Support (info)
Installing a new printer or troubleshooting one should not be too costly. Get either one at a flat rate. This includes multi-function devices with scanners, copiers and fax machines.

PRICE: $60 flat fee

Troubleshooting and Hardware Replacement (info)
Zap all of those little problems which have accumulated over time once and for all. Sometimes buggy software on a computer can cause minor drawbacks, constant error messages, or decrease system performance. Get troubleshooting for those little errors that constantly nag you. Also, if you have a printer or other device that has trouble being recognized by your computer it can be remedied in most cases. Installation services to upgrade and replace memory, hard drives, modems, cd drives/burners, fans, floppy disk drives, network, sound and video cards. Call for a diagnostic and assistance purchasing the part(s) you need. The price listed below does not include parts.
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PRICE: $60/hr.

NOTE: If you purchase a tune-up, troubleshooting is already included.

Computer Lessons (info)
Are you new to computers? Have you owned one for a while but never really took the time to learn? You need 1-on-1 computer lessons that teach you on your own PC and at your own pace. Most people take a 1 hour lesson each week. The lessons come to your home or office. Make sure to mention any particular software programs you want to learn. They can probably be included in the lessons.
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PRICE: $60/hr.

Mobile Device Support (info)
Even your phone or tablet needs to be configured and secured. It only takes about 1 hour to troubleshoot, secure and configure your settings based on your needs, lifestyle or business.
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PRICE: $60 flat

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