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Certified Wireless Services in Connecticut
The Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS) title is only held by 100,000 people worldwide. One of these experienced specialists will be sent to your home or office to do all of the work, perform tests and answer your questions. Communication is done in plain English by a friendly professional. No technical jargon unless you want it.

Wireless Internet for Your House
Need to connect multiple computers to one wireless Internet connection? You can have an access point installed and configured for you. If you don't already have the necessary device, assistance purchasing one is available. They typically cost $80 to $100 from a retail outlet. The cost of the service is $80 without any hidden charges. This not only includes the setup and security, but also connecting your computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

Business WiFi for CT Offices
Want to add wireless connectivity to your existing business network? If you already have a wired Internet connection at your place of business, you might also want to add secure wireless access for PC notebooks, tablets, phones and printers. You might even need to connect desktop computers to a wireless LAN using inexpensive adapters. Many businesses use very new technologies such as wireless credit card terminals, RFID scanners and IP cameras. Please feel free to call if you need new installations or if you want support for an existing network. You are welcome to ask any questions you might have to make sure your needs will be suited before you are provided with a quote.

Get Open WiFi for Your Store or Shop
One thing that attracts customers to a local business is the ability to go online. This is great for restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, diners and any waiting room. The captive portal feature allows a user to sign on as a guest. When they open their web browser, they will be prompted to confirm they want to join the network. Once that is complete, the user is connected. It's that easy for them. You can even have custom signs or cards with instructions on how to use it.

Location Survey
The airwaves will be scanned before the installation to make sure your connection does not overlap with neighboring signals. This ensures optimal speed and reliability by decreasing the chance of interference. It is also important to place the access point in a location where the signal has the best chance of being detected. In some cases, certain building materials or the physical placement of the modem can negatively impact the quality. These problems can be determined ahead of time along with possible solutions.

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